Weekly Classes:

ADULT MELT METHOD (all levels) – Tuesday evenings at 7:45pm

Youth (12+) MELT METHOD – Wednesdays at 5:30pm or Thursdays at 6:45

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Upcoming Workshops:

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Your body has an astounding ability to heal itself.

Through our daily lives we are constantly putting force on our emotional and physical bodies. Ideally, this force moves through us smoothly and quietly. However, when there is misalignment in the body, or “stuck stress”, this force must find a different path, usually leading to pain, and imbalance. What we sometimes forget, is that our bodies are vastly intelligent, and are constantly trying to move back to a place of balance and alignment. 

This force is inevitable, and natural, and through many years of suffering with a great deal of stress and compensation, I have found a beautiful system of clearing this force, by allowing space for my body to rebalance. I believe in the inner wisdom of our bodies, and take so much joy in assisting others to learn to recognize, and work with the subtle signals our bodies send us, before pain becomes chronic. I believe every person deserves to feel their best, and live long, healthy, pain free lives.