[My friend] and I are hooked!! We love the MELT Method & you! As two ex-teachers & athletes we appreciate your engaging personality & professionalism. Your knowledge & passion shine through. Only negative is that we didn’t find you sooner!


MELT is awesome!I definitely noticed a difference in my arches and plantar fasciitis after only one time doing the foot routine.Thank you Alyssa!

Roberta, Nurse

Alyssa Perron taught me the melt method for hands and feet. I was sceptical, but later quite happy with results. My fingers are more flexible. I can grasp and hold objects more securely. My balance is better with the foot program. Thanks, Miss P.

Naomi (85), Teacher

As a dancer and Mitzvah Technique teacher I found Alyssa’s approach to fascial release with the MELT Method a perfect compliment to techniques based in building a structure that is flexible, mobile, strong and pain free. The common sense approach to self healing is accessible to people from all walks of life and was easy to do on my own after only a few sessions!

Ashley, Dancer and Mitzvah Teacher

Thank you, Alyssa, for your excellent private yoga instruction. I have knee problems and some arthritis in my hand, and you have been very encouraging, helping me remain motivated to continue my yoga practice.  You are a caring and confident teacher, and I appreciate your assistance, teaching me to adapt my practice to my own personal level of health. I look forward to more classes together.

Deborah, Paralegal

I am 88 years of age. After learning and using the melt program with Alyssa Perron my deformed arthritic thumb improved in looks and movement. With the foot program I seem to be steadier on my feet. Thank you.

Harold, Building Contractor

After many hours of working on my computer I found that my upper back and neck hurt and it continued through the night waking me up on several occasions. I later discovered that my lower back ached trying to compensate. Alyssa was able to listen to me and not only explain the problem but also teach me some simple exercises to fix the problem. I am no longer in pain, know how to prevent it and can fix it when I do not. Thanks Alyssa!

Steven, Psychologist
MELT has been a beautiful reminder of the immensity of subtle internal shifts, and a fascinating framework through which to re-connect to mindfulness with sensitivity. I have felt more deeply connected with my tissues, and experienced more easeful alignment to support my every day activities and my dance practice.

Alyssa’s mindful, giving, and open approach as an instructor has made the classes enjoyable and personal, and felt like just the beginning of a new journey for me.


Dancer / Choreographer

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